Swot Analysis Of Fedex And Ups

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United Parcel Services was a 90 year old, private organization with a $1.7 billion net income and excellent financial performance. It is the world’s largest parcel delivery company with more than $25 billion in annual revenues. UPS delivers around 13 million packages each day and also helps its customers with supply chain management, logistics, and financial services. The industry offers two basic products that are air and ground deliveries. Three major competitors, FedEx, UPS and USPS, rule both of the product lines. In this comparison we will only be comparing FedEx and UPS because the companies have a strong brand names and are highly competitive. FedEx on the other hand is a $17 billion global transportation and logistics company, with an operating philosophy to “operate independently and compete collectively. Pg 3
UPS has grown into both the ground and air delivery networks and has now become a market leader. Over the years, though investment and innovation the company has made many technological and strategic efforts to grow and has reached 32% market share by 1998 pg 5. Until 1999, UPS was a privately held organization, however the company’s decided to go public. In order to estimate and announce the company’s share price, management had to assess the company’s financial performance as compared to its industry, and determine its competiveness.
UPS has a strong technological infrastructure and its centralized air and ground operations have maintained over 80% of the…

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