Swot Analysis Of Ibm And Ibm

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Research report On Submitted by:- Abhishek sharma 30129564(Student ID) Content Introduction 1 History 1 SWOT ANALYSIS OF IBM 2 IBM future plans 3 Reason why I want to work there 3 Bibliography 4 INTRODUCTION:- IBM stands for international Business Machines known as a world’s biggest information technology company with the profit of 88 billion dollars in 2000 and they are maintaining their position in market from past 50 years. They produce software and hardware for business servers, application software storage products and microchips. IBM is earning large profit from consulting and outsourcing services. HISTORY:- In its starting years, IBM was universally grouped with the punched card, the discovery of Herman hollerith. He was branch of the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. In 1914, Thomas J. Watson joined the company as general manager. The CTR Company was collaboration of three companies, who deals with grocery store scales, time recording devices, and tabulators. But after a decade, Watson made the business machine company which is now known as international business machine. By the middle of the century, IBM led many companies such as National Cash Register and Digital Equipment in computer era. IBM is well-known for its salesmen team with white

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