Swot Analysis Of Jamba Juice

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Jamba Juice case is an excellent example that illustrates the importance of vision statement of a company and the usage of SWOT analysis. According to Dess: “the vision evokes powerful and compelling mental images of a shared future” (23). The vision statement of Jamba Juice was “to inspire and simplify healthy living” and they believe that whole food ingredients are healthier for people, and inspire people to pass the goodness along to the world (About Us). The company uses differentiate strategy that they blend all good health ingredients into their drinks. Although the cost of the drink is high, customers still visit Jamba Juice because of the shared future or vision: healthy living. Kirk Perron, the founder of Jamba Juice, had a dream to own his businesses at his early age. He worked hard to accumulate money and gain experience as an assistant store manager at Safeway for years. He found a smoothie is healthier than any other drinks; thus, he opened a store in San Luis Obispo, California to sell smoothie to pursuit of his dream. That is how Jamba Juice started, Jamba Juice was firstly named as Juice Club. (Jamba Juice Company History). At that time, the strengths of the company were intangible resources such as Kirk Perron’s management experience, customers royalty, and unique menu of smoothies with special names. The weaknesses were the lack of capital, low profit, and difficult to expand its business. Some of the opportunities were the growth of health drink market
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