Swot Analysis Of Kellogg 's Company Essay

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Background Kellogg’s is one of the major food manufacturing companies in the world and its main products are breakfast cereals and snacks. The story of the firm started in 1898 when the brothers W.K. Kellogg and J.H. Kellogg discovered a new process to make cereals (Corn Flakes). Nowadays, Kellogg’s is a multinational company with a presence in 180 different countries producing a wide range of cereals and snacks that consist of crackers, toaster pastries, cereal bars, biscuits, fruit-flavoured snacks, frozen waffles and vegetarian foods. The vision of the company is defined by the following sentence: “To enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter”. Furthermore, Kellogg’s states that their purpose is “Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive”. According to the annual report of the firm published in 2015, it can be seen that the main region of the company is the United States (55% of total net sales). Furthermore, we also see that Europe accounts for 18.1% of total net sales whereas Asia-Pacific only accounts for 6.8%. These disparities among regions made us question, whether there is the same level of activity between these Europe and Asia. Moreover, we also identified a trend of higher increase in net sales in Asia over the last years in comparison with other regions. Indeed, during the period going from 2008 to 2015, we saw an overall increase in net sales of 28% in Asia (from $716m in 2008 to $919m in 2015) whereas in Europe, net sales

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