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Stephanie Harlow B. Boren BA 316 – Winter 2016 6 March 2016 Comparative Leadership Analysis Leadership has four main functions for success: Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling. Using these functions as well as motivation are what drive successful companies forward. Effective leaders look at what the company should be doing and innovating by setting a direction, aligning people, and motivating as well as inspiring those people to accomplish the company’s ultimate goal. Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com’s creator and CEO discusses his 10 rules for success and how they are also the most essential elements of his job in a compilation of interviews created by Evan Carmichael. The ten rules include have no regrets because you regret what you do not try, follow your heart not your head because if we let our intellectual selves overrule our passions we will not be happy, invest more in the product rather than marketing because if you build a great product or service the customers will talk about it for you. Bezos continues his list saying that you have to pick a good name, using the original name for amazon as an example of how a name must be easily understood. Stand for something so that your company and its leadership have a direction and legacy, focus on the customer and understand their long term wants and needs as well as focus on your passion, building a culture that is clear to stakeholders of what you want to focus on. Create premium products and non-premium prices so
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