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Task C- Trademarks
Trademarks protect the distinctive symbols, words, logos, and phrases used by a firm to distinguish their products and services from other firms’. It is connected to marketing rather than the functionality of products.

One trademark used by Lenovo is the LenovoTM. This is used as the official name for the corporation and acts as a way to join together all of the company’s projects. The origin of the name is a portmanteau between the corporation’s holding company, Legend and “novo”, which means “new” in Latin. This works in the firm’s favour, as “new” is something that is coveted by consumers. The logo is without a capitalised “L”. This could be problematic for the firm, as first time experiencers of the brand may be led
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This trademark is owned by Lenovo’s subsidiary Motorola. Motorola’s personal technology department was sold to Lenovo in 2014 as described by (news.lenovo.com,2017)15, having become far less profitable than it previously was in the early 2000s as set out by (MarketRealist.com,2017)14. This trademark is for the flagship phone that Lenovo will release in 2017. Its name is considered important because the Moto phones range was owned by Motorola and was one of the most popular phones on the market in the early 2000s. Motorola was subsequently shunned by consumers, in favour of brands such as Apple and Samsung. So Lenovo will try to rekindle the goodwill that the Motorola brand had from the 00s. The word “moto” itself was used in both the advertising by Motorola in its early advertising and in their naming of phones. To ensure that people will recognise the connection between Motorola and Lenovo, there has been a decision to initially call the new product the Motorola Moto ZTM, and in time change the branding to the Lenovo Moto ZTM.

The final trademark is the main slogan that Lenovo use. The slogan is “For Those Who DoTM”. This firmly tries to target creators and professionals to engage with Lenovo’s products. The slogan is quite inclusive too, as it describes a quality which others will aspire to be. For those people, the slogan represents a call to them that if they buy Lenovo products, they could be “someone

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