Swot Analysis Of Lowes

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Lowe’s use their financial statements to show how their business strategy, operating decisions, and their transactions reflect on the outcome of being profitable or not. The financial statements are to help people determine if the company is worthy of investing in. Anyone who has an interest in a company would find the Form 10-K useful in many different ways (Bethel University, 2017). Lowe’s began in 1921 in North Carolina by a man named Lucius Lowe. Lowe’s has been publicly held since around 1961. Lowe died in 1940 and the business was sold to his brother Jim Lowe. In 1943 Lucius Lowe’s son in law, H. Carl Buchan became partners with Jim Lowe. Around 1952 Buchan became the sole business owner when Jim Lowe died. Buchan seen the potential the business had and wanted to expand the…show more content…
However, anyone that is in the home improvement industry is a threat. Do-it-yourself market, do-it-for-me market, retail, or online is becoming threats. Lowes will need to continue improving to stay in the home improvement industry market (Lowe's Companies, Inc. SWOT Analysis, 2017). Lowe’s has a variety of uniqueness that they should feel proud of. Lowe’s is number fifty in the famous fortune 500 list. Lowe’s knows and understands what it takes to get their customers involved. They have won eight energy stars in educating their customers about their energy efficiency. They are also famous for providing excellent offers and discounts to customers on a regular basis. Lowe’s works to improve their customer service skills and needs to help better serve their customers (Lowes Companies Success Story, 2017). Lowe’s target market are people who have an interest in the home improvement industry. Renters, homeowners, DIY, DIFM, construction workers, maintenance, repair and operations are people that have the most interest in this company. Lowe’s has the strive and ability to meet the target market needs of people that have projects to complete (L.,
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