Swot Analysis Of Mcdonald's S

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IMcDonald 's SWOT analysis 2015 Strengths (Internal) • Locally adapted menus • Diversified income Weaknesses (Internal) • McDonald’s is not new in the market • Bad publicity • Unhealthy food menu Opportunities (External) • High demand for healthy meals • Home meal delivery Threats (External) • New competition. • Saturated fast food markets in • Trend towards healthy eating • During this task, I presented few examples of how McDonald’s use marketing strategies to control the macroenvironment factors. I tried to show how these marketing strategies helps McDonald’s to remain a leader in this industry and control the market’s share at a global level. Learning outcome 1c During this task, I will show how McDonald’s approach consumer markets. The terms of Consumer and Customer are the two different marketing terms that will be identified and researched in relation to McDonald’s. There are major differences between consumer and customer. The customer acquires the product or the service, but not necessary use it, and the consumer use the good, but not necessary is the buyer. Consumer market consists of all products and services purchased for personal use. The McDonald’s products are purchased to be used by the final user which is the consumer. The main challenge for McDonald’s is to identify why and how the people make purchase decisions they do. McDonald’s use the marketing strategies in an effective way that transforms the need in something that the consumer
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