Swot Analysis Of Nike

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Nike, Inc. is the most famous sports shoes company in the world. The company was founded in the year 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight (Foster, Coraiola, & Suddaby,2016).The company opened its first retail store in the year 1962. The company is famous for manufacturing high quality sports shoes which can enhance an athlete’s performance. Apart from that, the company also manufactures sports apparels like jerseys, shorts etc. Nike,Inc. has its stores in around 160 countries across the globe. It is a multinational company that employs around 45000 people across 6 continents around the world.
The biggest competitors of Nike,Inc. is the other sports company Adidas. Adidas holds larger number of shares in the market compared to Nike,Inc. The companies like Adidas, Reebok and UnderArmour are threat to Nike,Inc. But these companies are struggling with marketing their products. Nike, Inc still holds a strong place in the market owing to its extraordinary marketing strategies and innovation. The marketing strategy of Nike,Inc is cost efficient. Nike, Inc. has also used online marketing to its advantage. It advertises on every social media platform. It has around 13 lakh 71 thousand followers on Facebook. Nike, Inc also engages celebrity athletes to advertise their product. Owing to its strong marketing and high-quality products, Nike has become the most famous sports shoes brand in the world. Nike, Inc. is also known to embrace change and has been successful in designing new products for its target age group which is 15-35 years of age. It is difficult for any other sports company to build the kind of brand Nike, Inc. has built over the years. The loyal customers are ready to pay high price for the Nike shoes due to its reliability.

VRIO Analysis of Nike, Inc.
VRIO analysis provides a tool to analyze a company based on tangible and non-tangible resources. Non-tangible resources are more likely to influence a company’s progress than tangible resources (Seo, Park, & Choi ,2016). The resources are analyzed to check if they are valuable, rare, easy to imitate and easy to substitute. The first resource to analyze for Nike,Inc. is its outsourcing and cost efficiency. The resource is valuable but not rare. The

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