Swot Analysis Of Nike

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Nike’s Marketing Program
Nike Inc. is a worldwide company that deals with global marketing, and sales of footwear, equipment, accessories, and services. The company produces and sells both male and female sportswear of individuals between a wide range of ages, from infants to adults. Nike Inc. has a huge number of competitors in the sportswear market, however, it earns its own prominent position and stable market shares. As a market leader, Nike Inc. has more than seven hundred shops all over the world, and its business develops in more than forty-five countries. Most of Nike Inc.’s factories are situated in Southeast Asia, because of the cheaper labor. Moreover, as part of Nike’s marketing strategies, the company have ensured that they associate its brand with top athletes to attract many customers to buy their foot wears. Some of its recognized trademarks that involve high-profile athletes include the “Just Do It” and the most recognizable “Swoosh” logo.
Nike is considered as a brand that is stylish meeting its customers' needs. Their method of the styling of product objectives has given them a top position in the foot wear industries. They have associated their triumph with their apparel, and as a result, they make a substantial impact on their viewers. For example, Nike associates their sponsors such as top athletes with their victories thus reinforcing effective marketing strategies. Additionally, Nike ensures that the target users that are possible to boost
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