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Nivea is one of the most large international skin and beauty care brands. It is owned by Beiersdorf, the international company. It was first introduced in 1911 and now extended to 14 products range worldwide from suncare to facial moistures, deodorant and shower products.
In 1998, Nivea launched its Nivea for Men range in UK. At that time total annual sales of men's skincare products (facial and shaving preparations) in UK were only £ 68 million

Nivea wanted to increase its UK market share for Nivea for Men, but also wanted greater market penetration for male skincare products. It wanted not just a greater share of the existing market; it wanted to expand that market. It wanted more men and women buying men skincare
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o It has been developed rapidly and gaining a social acceptance.
• Weakness: o It was concentrated mainly in women's products. o The packaging was old, needs to be modern to attracts customers
• Opportunities: o The new modern packaging will be beneficial o The re-launch of new products may Increase in the sales
• Threats: o The re-launch of new products range may not increase sales o Customers may not like the new appearance o The risk of competitors entering the market.

How effective you think the marketing plan for Nivea for Men has been?
I think that Nivea for Men Marketing plan has been very effective and successful. It met and achieved all its targets and objectives.
Nivea For Men became a market leader globally and it gaining a market share. Its profit has been growing by almost 20%. The brand has gained a very positive image with costumers compared to other brands. It's awarded the best skincare range winner in the FHM Grooming Award 2008 for the fifth year running. In addition to that, the Nivea for Men range has been expanded and the existing formulations

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