Swot Analysis Of No Fat Dog

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Organizational Structure
Mission Statement: Here at No Fat Dog we work to help your pets stay happy, healthy, and friendly with each other. With our patented technology we offer an innovative solution for pets to learn to only eat out of their own food bowl.
Business Form: Our business is a partnership consisting of the CEO and a silent partner who offered the capital to get our company off the ground. Our business is structured in three tiers with an operations manager who reports to the CEO and oversees managers in finances, human resources, and sales. Due to our operation contracting out products to be made in China for shipment the only lower tier employees in the business are a sales team run by the sales manager.
Position Description:
CEO: Craig Kaeding
Operations Manager: Zac Kovnat
Financial Manager: Mark Komarinets
Human Resources: Darya Kuleshova
Sales Manager: Kameiah Korok
Full Time Sales Employee: Jim Halpert
Part Time Sales Employee: Dwight Schrute
Part Time Sales Employee: Stanley Hudson
Organizational Chart: See Organizational Chart in Appendix A 2. Human Resources
CEO: Salary $53,000 per year.
Operations Manager: Salary $44,000 per year.
Financial Manager: Salary $47,000 per year.
Marketing Manager: Salary $49,000 per year.
Sales Manager: Salary $48,000 per year.
Full Time Employee: Avg. $17.00 an hour.
Part Time Employee: Avg. $12.00 an hour.
Part Time Employee
Wage Chart (See appendix D) Position Descriptions
CEO: Meets the needs

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