Swot Analysis Of Omantel

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The Oman telecommunication company is the most reliable and major international hub for internet service provider in Pakistan, which is known as Omantel. The main headquarters of Omantel is in Muscat. Sultan bin Hamdoun Al Harthyis the chairman of the board and Talal Said Marhoon Al Mamari is (CEO) of this biggest telecommunication industry. Omantelhas also brought very innovative communications services in- postpaid and prepaid plans for mobile phones, fixed lines, internet connection, using ADSL technology, data transfer, roaming, etc. The main focus of the company is on operating, maintaining fixed and mobile telecommunication services. Its services target is in three consumer groups: residential, corporate and government. They started business in June 1996 and introduced first payphone and named WorldCall Payphones Limited. It was a fundamental shift in technology and industry from Cable Broadband to Wireless Broadband, Cable TV to Video Conferencing, LDI services and fiber optic network to wireless local loop telephony in this way company has crossed a number of milestones. The Omantel offers an array of services under three major service categories that is –Data, Entertainment and Voice(Oman Telecommunications Company , 2017).…show more content…
Omantel has a strong financial performance with top line growth of 6.9%, which was also the highest in the last four years.
2. Omantel is the leading telecommunication in Oman in mobile network in both in subscriber and revenue.
3. With the Government support Oman being a major stakeholder they have a lot of resources available to confirm that they have the best and latest infrastructure.
4. The investment in the Oman data park extends its level across the other areas.
5. Quickly enhance your understanding of because it has a wide area of external and internal resources(Linton, 2017).
6. Gain information for better understanding of internal and external factors which can give the best impression on the
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