Swot Analysis Of Ooredo

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Company Introduction
Ooredoo (formerly known as Qtel) is an international telecommunications company that started in Doha, Qatar. Ooredoo (at this time was Qtel) was founded in 1987 as a telephone company, they made the decision to become a global brand in 2013. The ownership of the company was for H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani as the company's chairman and Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser Al Thani as its CEO.
The name Ooredoo is an Arabic word meaning ‘I want’. It conveys the aspirations of Ooredoo customers and symbolizes Ooredoo's “commitment to enrich people’s lives.”
They held a monopoly in Qatar as being the only Telecoms Company available until 28th of June 2008 when Vodafone received the second public mobile network and
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Goals will help to unite the efforts of Ooredoo’s employees by giving them a destination to work in order to reach it, otherwise there will be a lot of lost effort due to every employee aimlessly without any goal to pursuit. In addition, customer service goals will let Ooredoo’s customers expect consistency when they interact with the employees, for example, if there were a goal state that the customer should not be putted on hold for more than three minutes and this goal was achieved, customers will not be as much as irritated when they are putted on hold. After conducting customer needs assessment with one of the suggested methods, which were discussed in the previous pages. According to results the types of goals will differ to improve what lack in Ooredoo’s customer service. For example, it can be one of either increase the customer satisfaction, increase the customer loyalty, or increase the customer lifetime value. Of course it might not be limited to one of them, but include two or more. The following goals might be a good choice to improve Ooredoo’s customer
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