Swot Analysis Of Organization And Hr Strategies

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SWOT Analysis of Organization and HR Strategies Jithin Mathew George 3Q-MGT580X-A1-07 Strategic Human Resource Management Instructor: Dr. Merle Heckman Submitted on July 12th, 2015 Sullivan University, Louisville Introduction It has become for every business’s prime objective or acumen to be aware of strength or opportunities which can be exploited, improve management or eliminate threats and weakness which can cripple a business organization’s future. It has become a vital reason or idea to include an effective method for analysis within the strategic marketing planning process (Aaker, 1995) to face and overcome the brutal forces of the competitive world and stand out differently among the rest. Therefore an effective tool…show more content…
This can be clearly tacit by implementing SWOT analysis on senior management’s strategic design and HR design discretely. SWOT analysis is a tool of condition analysis, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) is used in the maiden stage of strategic pronouncement [Hill, 1997] where it affords the basic agenda for strategic scrutiny. SWOT analysis of senior management’s strategic design: Strengths: • Robust market exposure • Extensive product array of seating systems. • Premier market share in business jet aviation industry. • Skilled prototype design team • Resilient senior leadership with pertinent business experience. • Clear comprehension of future objectives. Weaknesses: • Specific range of business. • Less qualified management team. • Inflexible leadership changes from prototype to production (OEM) company. • Paucity of specific skilled workers. • High costs for prototyping development. Opportunities: • Variant markets available to expand the business. • Encourage young talent having various skills. • Fuse strategic HR management in making strategic plan for the organization. • Use effective communication and training practices to expand productivity. Threats: • Expanding competition. • Elevated employee turnover, low retention. • Widening gap between the senior management and the workforce. SWOT analysis of HR’s
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