Swot Analysis Of Pana Chocolate

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Introduction “Dark, earthy, natural, intense.” These four words can be used to describe almost any aspect of Pana Chocolate’s range of raw, organic, handmade chocolate bars. The brand, founded in Melbourne, offers a range of chocolates available in the health food section at supermarkets that appeal to a range of consumers needs, being ethically produced, raw, organic, dairy, soy, egg and refined sugar free, vegan, and made from all natural ingredients (Pana Chocolate, 2017). Priced at $7.95 on their website (, they are on the higher-end scale of the standard chocolate market, however the product oozes luxury throughout and lives up to it’s higher price point. This report will focus on the marketing implications of the packaging design choices made by Pana Chocolate in regards to this range of products. Product Overview The Pana Chocolate bar range consists of 13 flavours currently: Coconut & Goji Pineapple & Ginger Strawberry & Pistachio Sour Cherry & Vanilla Mint Raw Cacao (aka plain) Fig & Wild Orange Nuts Cinnamon Eighty (an 80% cacao version of the plain flavour) Hemp & Nib (online only exclusive) Orange Rose (limited edition) Coles, however, currently only stock strawberry & pistachio, cherry & vanilla, mint, nuts and coconut & goji. The chocolates are also available online, in Pana Chocolate’s original store on Albert Street in Richmond, and a range of stockists including IGA supermarkets, health food stores, Myer, David Jones, coffee
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