Swot Analysis Of Pao's Cookies Delights

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MISSION PAO 's COOKIES DELIHTS is a for-profit company dedicated to making all kinds of cookies to satisfy the taste and needs of our customers, making the difference in quality, variety, cost, so that we are the first choice in the market of this product in Puerto Rico. VISION PAO 'S COOKIES DELIGHTS wishes to evolve as one of the leading and reliable brands in the Latin American market, offering quality, variety and innovation in the elaboration of the product, facilitating the consumer 's life and providing an experience of delight and well-being. Scheme Business Strategy "PAO 's COOKIES DELIGHTS" Cookies are a staple food in Puerto Rican family life, basically used at breakfast, snacks, snacks for…show more content…
The price will be determined taking into consideration the materials to be used, as well as those direct and indirect expenses incurred by each type of cookie. This process will be added a reasonable percentage as a profit for the company. At this point we will take as base the prices of the competition, as well as their quality, nutrition, packaging, etc. We want to offer a product to the customer that is nutritious, of quality that meets the expectations for their consumption, but at the same time that the prices are reasonable and competitive. The product will reach the segment of identified customers, through ads in social networks, television, newspapers and on-site promotion in the different markets where the product will be offered, giving samples of the same to consumers and at the same time defining the variety of East. One way to also bring the product to the segment of identified customers will be through the recommendation of customers to other consumers. Obviously the different attributes and benefits, as well as variety, stand out in the promotions, making it stronger in comparison to the competition and helping in its positioning. Acquiring a customer costs in time and resources those ways that are used to reach the customer identified in the most efficient and least costly way possible. To acquire a client requires time, money and convincing power. This we are going

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