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Analysis of the J.C. Penney Case Analysis The first store of J.C. Penney Company was opened in Kemmerer, Wyoming, on April 14, 1902, by James Cash Penney. In 1913, the company was incorporated under the new name, JC Penney Company. JC Penney is one of the largest veteran retail chain in American which has 110-year-old. The highest sales at all-time was $32.5 billion and the company occupies a large share of market in department stores. Then the market changed, the shopper has spent less time at the mall and more time at the discount store, like Walmart and Target. At the beginning, JC Penny did not find this problem, since 2005, the sales had been decreased, they loosed a lot of money. Then JC Penny hired a new CEO, Ron Johnson, discovered this problem and did some change. The new CEO had made a new strategic plan, and a major price-based campaign to revamp JC Penney’s image. In the end, the new strategic plan was not working, it cannot help JC Penney keep the customer. In this case, we should discuss the JC Penny’s new strategic plan, based on price change and change the company’s traditional operation. For the first question, of the major pricing strategies, which one best describes JC Penney’s “Fair and Square” pricing strategy? The revival of the JC Penney is the key to a new “Fair and Square” pricing strategy. At the first, the company cut about 40 percent across all regular retail prices, and then they make a three-tiered pricing
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