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Running Head: PNC PNC Financial Services Group Constituent/Stakeholder Report Kennedy Brennan September 28, 2017 Introduction PNC Bank is a well-known financial service group. In 1982 Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation merged to form PNC. At the time, it was the biggest bank merger and created $10.3billion in assets. Since then, PNC has continued to thrive. With all of this history, PNC has specific knowledge of the banking industry. Each different group requires targeted communication and the right message. PNC dates back to 1845. Their main facility is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They have branches in 19 different states along with Washington D.C (Corporate Overview, 2017). PNC works with…show more content…
The public of government is focused on financial assistance. As businesses grow even larger, PNC is an industry leader and banker to many Fortune 500 companies. They can handle day to day needs and loans, but PNC can give confidence in management and international banking. Additionally, they can help larger corporations with growth and direction for their business. Publics that PNC should try to reach for teenagers as a new public. They would be a good public to reach for because of the fact that more and more teenagers are getting jobs younger, so they start banking earlier. Company Documentation PNC Financial Service Group states that they offer a variety of services from individuals, small businesses, corporations, and government. They have services from simple to complicate. The individuals covers kids, adults, and people working towards retirement. Small businesses covers most companies. Even further, as families grow and people age, they start looking to their existing bank relationships to start planning their future – and their families. The website Adweek.com referenced a PNC television advertisement entitled “know you are saving for a special moment”. It showed a Father dreaming of his daughter’s fairy tale wedding. PNC knew the connection of wanting to handle the everyday needs and the long term finance needs that families have. PNC stressed that they could give this man confidence to reach the

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