Swot Analysis Of Qantas Airlines

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Qantas airline has introduced as the fast growing and dynamic environment in Australian airline business. Various business strategy and marketing analysis has tremendously changed in the field of Qantas airline. Different types advance technologies have been applied to make it second largest foreign airline. The nick name of the Qantas airline is The Flying Kangaroo which is based in Sydney Airline. Qantas airline is the world’s oldest airline. The headquarters of the Qantas airline are located in the Sydney (Graham, 2006). Currently Qantas airline has introduced as the four star airline with the help of Skytrax. The total strength of Qantas airline is about 32,500 and it works on about 250 aircraft around the world. Various types of…show more content…
From the given data by International Air Transport Association in 2009 Qantas airline service was the world’s 11th largest airways in the field of Revenue passenger. Qantas is the budget fares airway that operates the Jetstar Asia in Based in Singapore. The Qantas airline group employed a successful strategy between Jetstar and Qantas. Its low cost airline service plays an effective role to make it significant growth over the recent decades. The growth is increasing for the international expansion of the Qantas airways. The growth of the business can also come from Australian market share with the help of low cost service. The Qantas airline mainly operates on international business market. The business has introduced as the significant transformation in the field of business market. The company has improved its performance of the segment of about $171. The improvement of the business strategy of Qantas is the main motto to make the profit. Qantas maintains over $3 billion cash and $400m in liquidity position. The company has expanded its business in Asia through the Jetstar airline. This is world’s one of the low cost carrier in the Asia Pacific region. Jetstar airways maintain the main shareholders partner with the advancement of low cost

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