Swot Analysis Of Qantas

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Prices reflect the unique value of the brand to a certain extent. Brand positioning builds the unique brand image in the minds of consumers, so price setting and adjustments must adapt brand positioning, and brand positioning shows the brand’s unique value through price (Kotler, 2013, p. 215). For Qantas, the pricing strategy utilises a cost plus margin method of product pricing, offering lower pricing in accordance to the market demand. The number of travellers requiring Qantas services, prompt the airline to adjust pricing rates accordingly.

Qantas Airways provides different prices, to different customers, and combines the price setting with customer needs (Suciu, 2013). The airline uses a full fare policy, for these customers,
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84). I would run series of all these media advertisements, highlighting the Qantas inflight facilities and luxury features available, along with emphasising the airline providing high quality safety and environmental standards, and customer services. These forms of mass advertising will enable visual attraction of new and existing customers, towards the premium level of air travel services.
Marketing requires making public relations a priority to attract consumer attention. In turn, the public relations promotional tool remains an important option for raising the Qantas Airways reputation. Public relations, by Qantas, manage publicity directed at financial stakeholders and political bodies, while promoting the company image and brand. As part of the consumer marketing strategy, Qantas use brand ambassadors, as a promotional tool, for both global and domestic markets, increasing the brand value. A popular international superstar, John Travolta signed as the chosen Qantas global “Ambassador-at-Large” (Qantas Airways Limited, 2017).

In today’s society, domestic and international sports are important aspects in majority of people’s everyday lives. Both professional and recreational sports have seen to grow, developing an influence on the global society. With the sports market expansion, the market competition remains very
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