Swot Analysis Of Qualcomm Company 's Information And Competitive Advantage

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Company’s Information and Competitive Advantage

Karthik Dussa

Securities Analysis
Professor Sonny Gokhale
September 15, 2017
Company Business: Qualcomm Incorporated (QCOM: NASDAQ) manufactures, develops and markets digital wireless communications equipment. Founded in 1985, with company headquarters located in San Diego, California, Qualcomm has 30,500 employees globally. With Mr. Steven M. Mollenkopf as CEO & Director and Mr. Derek K. Aberle as president, it continues to be a leader in development and commercialization of digital communication technology called CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access). OFDMA is a family of technologies which
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Qualcomm licensees manufacture wireless products implementing CDMA2000, CDMA TDD and/or LTE which include mobile devices, tablets and laptops. QSI involves in strategic investments of company to open new or expand opportunities for company’s technologies, products and services for voice and data communications.
Industry Trends: There was a tremendous growth in mobile industry, growing from less than 60 million global connections in 1994 to approximately 7.4 billion in September 2016. 3G/4G multimode mobile broadband technology has been key driver for the growth.
Company’s Strategy: For 2016, as part of the Strategic plan to benefit customers, Qualcomm implemented a cost reduction plan, which includes a series of targeted reductions across the company’s businesses, particularly in QCT, and a reduction to its annual share based compensation grants. During 2016 fiscal year, company recorded restructuring and its related charges of $202 million. As part of Capital Return Program, intention to repurchase $10 billion of stock was announced. Till first quarter of fiscal 2016, $5 billion share repurchase was completed and returned $5 billion to stockholders. Qualcomm will acquire NXP Semiconductors, which is a leader in high-performance and mixed signal semiconductor electronics for $38 billion and deal expected to close by end of 2017 giving them a huge advantage in semiconductors in automotive market.
Analysis of Porter’s Five Forces
1.) Threat of

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