Swot Analysis Of Reliance Industries

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Reliance Industries Limited:

The Reliance Group, founded by Dhirubhai H. Ambani (1932-2002), is India's largest private sector enterprise, with businesses in the energy and materials value chain. Group's annual revenues are in excess of US$ 66 billion. The flagship company, Reliance Industries Limited, is a Fortune Global 500 company and is the largest private sector company in India.
Backward vertical integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution and growth of Reliance. Starting with textiles in the late seventies, Reliance pursued a strategy of backward vertical integration - in polyester, fiber intermediates, plastics, petrochemicals, petroleum refining and oil and gas exploration and production - to be fully
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 First of all check the calculation involve in the bills.
 Check whether supporting attachments are properly signed.
 Check whether job carried out by contractor is included in the ARC / PO.
 Check whether rates claimed by the contractor are as per PO/ ARC.
 Check RGP /GP is in original mode.
 Check reimbursement supporting papers are in organizational mode.
 If bill issued for man power supply then attendance sheet should be checked.
 Check whether abstract sheet prepared correctly from measurement sheet.
 Check whether any discount is applicable as per PO/ARC.
 Check service entry prepared correctly as per abstract sheet of bills.
 Check whether there is any alteration in the figure of measurement sheet signed and issued by user department / plant.
 If bill contain service tax then check whether the bill is valid by the excise cell.
 After verified all above details make necessary deduction if any.
 Make necessary note on scrolling sheet
 Retention Amount
 TDS Amount
 Recovery Amount (if any)
 Plant and Period of service
 Description of job
 Bill Number
4. Preparation of Expense Voucher:
 There after Invoice Verification Voucher is prepared in SAP system through transaction code –
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