Swot Analysis Of Saam Air

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Oman Air is the national airline for Oman and the aim of this marketing plan is to identify ways the company can improve its competitive advantage in the market.
The marketing plan for Oman air analyses the airlines market and situational analysis. The competitors, market strength, switching costs, the threat of new entrants, product differentiation, substitute strength and the purchasing power of buyers and suppliers are analyzed using porters five forces. The airline's strength and weakness (internal environment) and opportunities and strengths (external environment) are also looked into based on SWOT analysis.
The market segments identified are based on the frequency of use (business and leisure), geographical location
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The company has won over 30 awards with seven of them being won in 2017.
The objective of this marketing plan is to identify the areas in which the company can improve and the services it can introduce in order to increase its competitive edge.

3.1 Porters Five Forces Analysis
The Oman aviation market is dominated by two local providers, Oman air and Salam air. Salam air was launched in 2016 as the first low-cost carrier of Oman. This posed serious competition for Oman air. Oman air also faces competition from international players who provide direct flights. For example, British Airways provides direct flights to London and jet airways to India.
There is not much differentiation in the products offered in the airline industry which makes switching costs very low.

Threat of entry
High capital requirements, high cost of aircrafts and fuel locks out a lot of new entrants.
The strict regulation of the industry by the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) locks out some of the
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The customers will prefer to travel with the airline that offers them comfort in terms of comfortable seats, WIFI, in-flight entertainment, and meals.

3.3 SWOT Analysis
The airline has highly trained staff. Oman Air has a training program which is part of its efforts to enhance the standards of quality and safety.
The airline boasts a good brand image thanks to the awards and achievements they have received in the industry. The airline won Middle East leading airline 2017 and the Golden Excellence Medal for social responsibility, among dozen other achievements they have received.
Fleet expansion is a strength for Oman air as it increased the company's capacity. In 2016 the airline expanded its fleet by introducing four brand new Boeing 737-800s putting its fleet at 47.

The financial position of Oman air according to its annual financial report is not good. The airline's 2016 annual report puts its accumulated loss at RO817 million and its liabilities exceeded the current assets by RO192 million.
It is hard to make quick schedule changes hence reducing the airline's flexibility. Customers that seek flexibility will prefer to look for alternatives that offer them flexibility in
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