Swot Analysis Of Sears ' An American Chain Of Department Stores

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SWOT Analysis Report Company: Sears Scope In this report, I will focus on Sears (An American chain of department stores). I will provide a brief profile of the company, highlighting the most relevant information pertaining to the company. Through the sources, I will present the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the company, and discuss some of the reasons it has been failing to compete with other major companies in the industry. In addition, I will discuss some of the recommendations that may help the company re- establish itself as a major competitor and experience growth in the coming years. Objectives The primary objective of this paper is to determine some of the main reasons as to why Sears Holdings has been performing poorly in its industry. Through SWOT analysis, I will be able to identify these causes in order to better understand the situation of the company. From this, it will be possible to identify the best possible strategies and recommendations that can be implemented for the purposes of reversing this situation. Methodology Background Sears Holdings Corporation is one of the leading broad- line retailers with a rich and extensive history dating back to 1886 when Richard Sears began selling watches in North Redwood, Minnesota. Sears Holdings was founded on the 24th of March, 2005, when Kmart Corporations purchased Sears, Roebuck and Co., but continued to operate under the Sears and Kmart brands with full- line and

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