Swot Analysis Of Sears Holdings

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Sears Holdings (SHLD)
Sears, the icon, and leading retailer for generations has marked the lives of the consumers. Founded in 1886 by Richard Sears, the company originally provided catalog sales of gold-filled watches under R.W. Sears Watch Company, and partnered with Alvah Roebuck, a watchmaker from Indiana. Both introduced the company’s mail order catalog of watches and jewelry services in 1893. Over the years, Sears has expanded its operations by launching major national long-lasting and successful brands such as Kenmore, a line of appliances, Craftsman, a line of tools, land, garden equipment, and work wear, followed by DieHard, a brand of automotive battery.
Sears has been a disruptive innovator in the retail industry for over 100 years; however, by early in the nineties, the company reached its peak in growth and started experiencing a downward decline in sales, which caused the company to start spinning off critical business investment portfolio. In 1995, Arthur C. Martinez became the Chairman of the Board and CEO. His vision was to keep Sears alive despite of the company’s financial downfall. In 2005, Kmart acquired Sears forming a new corporation named Sears Holding Corporation as a result of the merge and the appointment of Edward Lampert as the new CEO of the company. Sears Holdings has had a lack of leadership spirit, poor internal marketing-oriented performance, and fuzzy vision on growth aligned with long-term customer service by Edward Lampert, who still
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