Swot Analysis Of Secura

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The products that Secura builds is a strength for them in the marketplace. When Secura builds products, they consider at least two philosophies: filling the demand of specific consumers and doing it with an exclusive selling advantage. To get this done, focus groups and surveys of possible consumers are conducted along with a detailed investigation of their competition. The quality products include the price, apparent value, customer service, distinct features, or an online and retail store. The true strength comes in Secura’s profitability by successfully handling the cost of production and using the proper channels that give the largest amount of sales volumes at the lowest prices. Another long-known strength of Secura’s is its…show more content…
To overcome this weakness, they need to focus their attention on what will drive the market share up as well as their sales. To make this come to life, the new Risk Management system will need to address the budget weakness and any other weaknesses or opportunities in order to improve the marketing and other areas in the company. This may result in budgeting more money to use new technology to overhaul the system instead of building as many new products as they normally do.
Secura’s internet existence or lack of could end up losing opportunities for them. In having an internet presence is very important for showing information and soliciting products. By turning this weakness into strength will take analyzing that will occur in the Risk Management system to increase the value and remove the negative impact.
As Secura grows, they need to consider changing their small human resources area as it has become a weakness for them. With the small associate base, it makes it hard to tackle every task on Secura’s to-do list. At the same time, Secura can lack the skill sets and training needed to perform tasks that hinder the company. If Secura has a desire to launch its social media presence as being proposed, but none of the associates have social media and cloud computing knowledge, then it will be a major weakness for Secura. To turn this weakness into a strength they will need to hire more

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