Swot Analysis Of Shangri La Hotel

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Shangri-La hotel is a five star luxury hotel and they target high income travelers and families. They usually located in premier city. It offers a relaxing environment for customer vacation. Therefore, it located in some of the world's most exotic destination.

Shangri-La had 4 main businesses segments:
1. hotel ownership and operations,
2. Property development, it includes commercial building and services.
3. Hotel management services to group owned and third party hotels.
4. Spas at Shangri-La, provides private spa suite and help the traveler relaxing and restoring the balance to mind and body

The company provide different branding hotels to meet different groups of customer expectations with a unique Asian hospitality services model such as spa branding hotel and trader hotel. Moreover, Shangri-La hotel divided their business into different segments. It provides various services to their target market such as commercial and service apartment market and management contracts of running business for other parties.

The marketing strategy of Shangri-La is concentrate on the service quality, rates of rooms and returning customer benefits. The management at Shangri-La ensures that all customers will get the best quality of service. The management wants the
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In its Bursa filings, Shangri-La said the decline is because of the significant decreases in occupancy in a weaker economic environment. (Shangri-La hotel occupancy drops, 2015)However, Shangri-La was corporate with KLCCP Stapled Group, which is planning to build a 60-storey office and hotel tower next to Menara Dayabumi. The plan for a new tower next to Menara Dayabumi was first announced in 2013 and expecst to be completed by 2019. Once the tower is completed, it will bring extra revenue to the Shangri-La Company. Therefore, Shangri-La will able to generate more profit and contribute to their shareholder. (Zainul,

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