Swot Analysis Of Shorewest Vs Keller Williams

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Shorewest or Keller Williams This exercise is shockingly relevant to an opportunity that presented itself mid-course, literally in the middle of this course and in the middle of my orientation to both real estate and Shorewest. Shortly after the beginning of my Shorewest training in June, a trusted business partner encouraged me to visit his new Keller Williams branch. Since the visit, I have been comparing models, structures, development programs and cultures of both real estate companies. As the course progressed, the concepts mirrored my decision-making process, Keller Williams actually asked me to complete a leadership assessment as part of the screening process, which fit nicely in to week 4’s assignment. My comparison of the two…show more content…
Shorewest’s private and family owned status was an important factor, based on the assumption it would provide a better culture and more opportunities, unfortunately, when conducting a financial analysis of the company based on common measurement criteria, privately owned has drawbacks. Shorewest is not required to generate or share publicly, annual reports, normally where financial and market data is typically available. Without easily assessible financial data, it is hard to measure profitability, however, the data available does demonstrate a track record of home sales and agent recruiting. Growth and resiliency appear to be a strong competency, the company survived the housing crash with diversified service offerings in their mortgage, title and insurance divisions. Creation of their home services division in 2011, designed to coordinate moving and utility transfer activities, shows courage and innovation. This service was discontinued in August, which also demonstrates sound measurement and financial decision making, many companies are slow to cut the cord when a product or service is not performing to plan. Even without specific financial data, there is solid evidence to support adequate financial efficacy and long-range planning. Marketing. Even though I am not a marketing expert, the breadth

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