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Shakera Butler BUA450 Skullcandy Skullcandy was founded in 2003 by Rick Alden in Park City, Utah. The idea came to him in 2001 when he was riding on a ski lift while listening to music. His phone rang and he had to change his headphones over to the phone. That’s when he told himself he wished there was headphones that you could use both on a Mp3 player and a cell phone. In 2002, he created his first prototype called Link, that were a hit. His company grew fast that he started to make headphones to go inside helmets, MP3 equipped backpacks, and watches. Today you will also find Bluetooth speakers and gaming headsets. Strengths Alden was one the first people to create a microphone and a button on the headphones that allowed individuals to…show more content…
The main weakness of Skullcandy is that they struggle to maintain grown. At one point of time, there were so many orders coming in that production could barely keep up. It was also hard for them to come out with new designs while trying to fix minor glitches in other products, and keep up with production. Up until a couple of years ago, Skullcandy only had two suppliers; core channels and big-box retailers. They cared about loyalty and reputation to their core channels of specialty shops. With these stores, there isn’t a lot of them so most of their sales came from retailers, and if that fails the company can too. Opportunities Skullcandy can expand their company to across the world. Beats by Dr. Dre is being sold international through Apple. If Skullcandy explores the new markets and the developing ones, it could exceed the company. There is a constant demand for headphones every day, they seem to be essential to people’s life. Just like any other headphone company there always wants for new designs and products. Apple’s iPhone is always changing every year, and everybody gets all excited for it. They have changed from headphone with a cord to wireless headphone pods that you just stick in your ear. With new products and production comes materials. Materials to produce headphones such as copper have risen in price. Skullcandy and other companies have the power to negotiate it lower. More cheaper materials, the more products they can produce and

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