Swot Analysis Of Smc Global Bank

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Table of Contents Serial No. Particulars Page No. 1. Overview of the industry 2. About the Company 2.1 SMC: Vision 2.2 SMC-Mission 2.3 Structure of the company 2.4 Strengths of SMC 2.5 Awards &Recognitions by the company 2.6 Growth of the Company- 3. Objective of the study 4. Research Methodology 4.1- Study Area 4.2- Research Design 4.3- Data Collection 4.4-Data Analysis 5. Introduction 5.1 Understanding Generally Accepted Accounting Principle 5.2 US GAAP OVERVIEW- 5.3 Need for International GAAP 6. Interpretation and Analysis 7. Reconciliation of SMC Global Securities List of Tables Particulars Tables no. Increase in Secondary Market 1 Increase in number of Depositors 2 Increase in number of cash segment 3 Increase in number of Derivative segment 4 Structure of the company 5 Non- current Investment comparison schedule 6 Depreciation comparison schedule 7 Reconciliation statement 8 Abbreviations Serial No. Abb. Full forms 1. GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 2. IGAAP Indian Generally…show more content…
This was a step that attracted many foreign investors, Companies such as Ford, Unilever, Hyundai, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Enron and Nokia, counted India as a key strategic area of operation. Foreigners not only invested in India directly but also enter into joint ventures or take significant stakes in long-established Indian companies. Companies named Ford Credit Kotak Mahindra, Prudential ICICI, Birla 3M, etc. To ease consolidation with the parent company's financial statements or to understand the results of the joint ventures, Indian companies affiliated to such multinationals adopt international

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