Swot Analysis Of Southwest Airlines

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Company Background
Southwest Airlines was established in 1967 by Herb Kelleher in Dallas, Texas. The Airline was developed as a low-cost airline through their exclusive use of Boeing 747, always attempting to fill their planes to capacity, using a direct route system (as opposed to a hub and spoke system), and choosing not to serve meals during the flights. (Raynor, 2011) Originally it would only serve customers who wanted to travel across Texas; to Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas- with Dallas being their headquarters and their main operations occurring at Love Field. While they faced a tumultuous start due to threats they faced from regulations and competition due to their strategy not matching with other airlines at the time, in 1973 they “were profitable for the first time” (Southwest Airlines Co Success Story, n.d.) and have been profitable ever since.
By 1982, Southwest had expanded operations into other cities such as Oklahoma, San Diego, and New Orleans. Southwest has continuously added more cities since and is now operating at 99 different locations in the United States from coast to coast along with destinations to 9 different countries. (1972 to 1977, 2017)
Southwest has upheld its originally strategy of “low cost” since its inception. It turned the airline industry upside down and today is one of the most beloved airlines that U.S. citizens use. On average, Southwest reserves “55,167 reservations daily” and still has plans to grow and expand. (1972 to 1977,
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