Swot Analysis Of State Bank Of India

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State Bank of India was founded in 1806 as Bank of Calcutta. It was the first Bank established in India and over a period of time evolved into SBI. It is the oldest commercial Bank in the Indian subcontinent. The Bank is India’s largest commercial Bank in terms of assets, deposits, advances, profits, branches, number of customers, employees and ATM centres. The Bank enjoys the continuing faith of millions of customers across the social spectrum.

State Bank of India is an Indian multinational bank belonging to the public sector. It is a government owned corporation with headquarters in Mumbai. It is one of the Big Four Banks of India along with Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda and Bank of India. State Bank of India is also the biggest lender in the country. It is now trying to expand its tentacles into and make its presence known in the world’s biggest economy by launching the second centre in China. The current market capitalization of State Bank of India stands at Rs 238,567.43 crore.
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Largest bank in terms of deposits, advances, profits, branches and employees
2. Mover advantage
3. Wide distribution network
4. Market leader
5. Largest loan provider
6. Government owned
7. Diversified portfolio 1. Lacks technical know how
2. Rented infrastructure
3. Customer waiting period
4. Perception to follow traditional path of banking
5. High NPA
6. Rigid hierarchical structure
1. Mergers with Associates
2. Use of software and technology
3. International

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