Swot Analysis Of Sunshine Steels

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1. Executive Summary: Whenever there is a change n incumbency at the top management, new incumbent would like to have SWOT analysis of the organisation. Jessica Walker the new incumbent HR director of Sunshine Steels observed that HR services of the company were in shambles. Every HR expert would like to learn and rectify the deficiencies in the policies followed in the past. This case study is helpful in achieving both the objectives. On perusal of the case study it is observed that the Australian company is a well established company having presence in the entire country with sustained demand for its products. The company acquired one privately owned company in China in the year 2008 producing steel screws and nails with the objective…show more content…
The parent company was also not in position to reconcile the cultural and operational conflict in management of the subsidiary company resulting in dual control over the staff i.e reporting to two bosses not considered good HRM policy. Recruitment and selection processes and HR policy in Australian company, were also not upto the mark. Mr. Jonathon Stable, the HR Manager of the company was stated to be believer in ‘hard’ HRM polices. He delegates the HRM policies and recruitment and selection policy to line Management. Job description, though existed for each person in the hierarchy, but was not revised during the tenure of Mr. Stable. Recruitment based on obsolete ‘job description’ resulted in recruitment of unsuitable staff. Learning a lesson from the recruitment of unsuitable staff both in the parent company and subsidiary unit there is need that recruitment and selection processes need to be documented in a policy for the parent company. The parent company have additional responsibility for formulating recruitment and selection policy for their subsidiary company in China factoring company’s objectives of lowering operational cost, labour laws in China, resolving cultural conflicts, language constraints and disclosing appropriate ‘job description’ at the time of initiating recruitment and selection process. The Australian company did not adhere to the sound principle of delegation of powers i.e “delegate but never forget’. 2. HRM concerns-an

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