Swot Analysis Of Sunshine Steels

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Executive Summary Whenever there is a change in incumbency at the top management, the new incumbent would like to have SWOT analysis of the organisation. Jessica Walker the new incumbent HR director of Sunshine Steels observed that HR services of the company were in shambles. Every HR expert would like to learn and rectify the deficiencies in the policies followed in the past. This case study is helpful in achieving both the objectives. On perusal of the case study, it is observed that the Australian company is a well-established company having the presence in the entire country with sustained demand for its products. The company acquired one privately owned company in China in the year 2008 producing steel screws and nails with the objective lowering its operational costs. At the time of acquisition of Chinese company only the senior management was taken into confidence and middle management and workers were not apprised about the impending acquisition. They came to know about the acquisition when they were given the contract for retention or redundancy/retrenchment notice. This was not in accordance with the Chinese Culture wherein personal relations along with official relations are maintained. Accordingly, the uninformed staff lost trust in the management of the company. At the time of acquisition, there was not a smooth transition from the outgoing owner to the management of new Chinese subsidiary. The parent company appointed one Chu Jian as General Manager (GM) of

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