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Figure B. WeChat SWOT Analysis

These core competencies underpin market positioning, thus competitive advantage. Mother brand Tencent is supervising and supporting WeChat to help it achieve its targets. The market value of Tencent is £90 Billion, therefore the financial support for WeChat is covered. In terms of opportunities for WeChat, the technology in China is constantly changing and new breakthroughs are regularly discovered (Wang and Su, 2013).
There are lacks of substantive knowledge and experience in advanced economies such as the U.S, from the part of WeChat. Due to this, and because of the distinction consumers have of China 's poor quality identity, WeChat have important ground to cover. These two weaknesses are complex but surmountable because of the strengths WeChat is equipped with, and the opportunities present in the U.S market. Challenges will present themselves in the form of difficult customers to convince and users not hesitant on brand switching in the case of dissatisfaction due to a component or feature of a brand 's IM service.

Huwai and ZET are Chinese brands that attempted to enter markets in the Western region, due to their confidence coming from high native success. Both companies failed in causing significant impacts in the U.S. It is commonly believed these failures are due to the identities that Chinese products bear in the U.S (Liu and Bao, 2013). To remove these barriers of identity, WeChat endeavoured a new strategy upon entering the U.S
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