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OnStar – SWOT Analysis
To help OnStar determine if home monitoring services should be added to its list of products and services, a SWOT analysis should be completed. A SWOT analysis is a situation analysis or tool used to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organization (SWOT Analysis Definition | Investopedia, 2005). Thus, it is a basic straightforward model that determines what an organization, like OnStar, can and cannot do, as well as determines its opportunities and threats.
With the SWOT analysis, OnStar’s management team can identify internal and external factors that affect the company’s future performance. The SWOT analysis also allows OnStar’s management team to use information from its environmental analysis and separate it into internal factors, strengths and weaknesses, and external factors, opportunities and threats. Once completed, the SWOT analysis will assist OnStar with accomplishing its objective, which is to offer its customers home monitoring services. Thus, the SWOT analysis helps OnStar in its decision-making process by revealing obstacles it must overcome or minimize to achieve the final results.
Why should OnStar conduct a SWOT analysis? The SWOT analysis will help OnStar determine how to efficiently use its resources, such as manpower, production capacity, and capital. According to Hill (n.d.), “evaluating the company’s strengths helps it determine how to allocate these resources in a manner that results in
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