Swot Analysis Of Tata Motors

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Founded by Jamsetji Tata, Tata Motors Limited was established under the parent company Tata Group in 1945. Based out of Mumbai, India and part of USD 100 Billion Tata group, Tata Motors Limited products includes trucks, vans, buses sports car, construction equipments and military vehicles (Tata Motors, n.d.). With its manufacturing and assembly plants in different cities in India and in South Africa, Great Britain and Thailand, the company sells more than nine million vehicles globally, providing the company with $42 billion turnover (Tata Motors, n.d.). Ranked as India’s largest automotive industries, Tata Motors takes prestige in developing first fully indigenous cars, the Tata Indica and the world’s least expensive car, Nano (Tata…show more content…
Number 1 manufacturing company in Asia.
4. With around 6,600 touch points that include dealerships, sales and service points, the company provides top notch customer service and satisfaction (Tata Motors, n.d.).
5. R&D: Company invests time and money in research and development, trying to supply the consumer with better, efficient and affordable vehicles.
Although, TTM has managed to secure top percent on market share, the Return on Investment (RoI) on Tata Motors share is low. While producing mass number of automobiles, Tata motor products do not fall under luxury motor. As the company targets ‘middle’ to ‘upper middle’ class groups, the products lack the luxury to gain interest of higher income individuals. Due to this very reason, the company lacks its footprint on the luxury car department. Even among their economical cars, Tata has now and again failed to maintain the standard of a safe vehicle. The constant technological issues and failure to maintain the safety standard is declining the company’s public image. Tata Nano, a new car manufactured by Tata motors has failed to receive any star for adult protection (Oltemann, McClanahan, 2014).
Opportunities for Tata Motor’s have increased tremendously after its acquisition of two luxury car brands: Land Rover and Jaguar. In 2008, Tata Motor purchased both of the luxury car brands from Ford Motors
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