Swot Analysis Of Telstra 's Business Process

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Summary Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications and media company who builds and operates telecommunications networks, mobile and other entertainment products and services. This report is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of Telstra’s business process. Firstly, the goals and strategy of Telstra will be revealed. Secondly, a process landscape model will be constructed by applying Dijkman’s approach. Afterwards, Telstra’s business processes will be evaluated and recommendations for improvement will be given by applying Rosemann’s prioritisation. The last part of this report is to focus on further analysis of three core processes. Introduction Telstra’s strategy is to focus on driving growth and creating long-term shareholder value (Telstra 2015). To support the fulfillment of this strategy, Telstra’s business operations concentrate on four pillars. Firstly, to maintain customers to gain long-term and stable development of the company, Telstra’s priority is to improve Customer Advocacy and customer experience. Telstra has set the Net Promoter System (NPS) to measures customers’ experience and advices and focus on customization when launching new product or service. Telstra also notice a detail, which is to provide unique customer service experience such as regularly sending gifts such as movie, sports and music offers to the loyal customers (Telstra 2015). Secondly, Telstra has continuously invested in R&D to hold its network leadership (Telstra 2015). Besides

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