Swot Analysis Of Thai Corner Restaurant

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BSBMKG401 Profile the market Introduction: Thai Corner Restaurant Location: Mansfield, Victoria Type: Thai Restaurant Products: Thai food and drinks “Thai Corner Restaurant’s food originates from the lively markets and streets of Thailand. Our chefs are highly experienced and aim at providing the best possible experience to our guests with a variety of Thai dishes, sweet and drinks.” BACKGROUND Mansfield is a rural town based in north east Victoria. Mansfield Shire has approx. 8,000 residents which swell by up to 10 times over weekends, holiday periods and during the ski season. The majority of visitors to Mansfield are Melbourne tourists and Melbourne part time landowners. There is a shortage of quality restaurants in Mansfield. The customer…show more content…
STRATEGY 1) Employ an experienced restaurant manager and a Thai chef who can assimilate in the Mansfield region as well as a client service staff who has years of experience in restaurant services. 2) Utilise a shop in an ideal location within Mansfield and meets all local planning requirements. 3) Utilise a local interior designer to specifically design a unique concept for Mansfield which will include a 50 seat restaurant combining indoor and outdoor eating. This designer has been briefed and commissioned 4) The food will be authentic and creative Thai food prepared and cooked by a Thai chef. The chef and restaurant manager will design menus which will be targeted at the evening dining, lunch and takeaway segments. 5) Pricing will be more than competitive with the Bar/bistro outlets in Mansfield. 6) Promotion will occur a)in the form of a launch in the local newspaper b) through a series of initial dinners where the owner will bring friends and colleagues c) by word of mouth which is common in a small town, and d) the restaurant is located in a well trafficked area in Mansfield and is located next door to a newly opened bowling alley thus local visibility is
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