Swot Analysis Of The Jeans Range Offered By River Island

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The SWOT analysis of the Jeans range offered by River Island (See appendix 1) Strengths - Established over 6 decades, River Island is dedicated to creating stylist, playful and affordable fashion products in order to satisfy young adults. The price range of River Island jeans is around £20-49.99 (See appendix 2). The jeans assortment offers 12 colour options including a wide range of bright colours while its competitors only offer 6-12 colour choices and greatly focus on basic colours like blue, black and grey (See appendix 2). It launched a plus size collection this month (March 2016) and adjusted its size range from 4-18 to 4-24 and it makes River Island the first retailer who provides comprehensive size range among the competitors (See appendix 2). Weaknesses - Jeans are considered as wardrobe staple but River Island only provides 7 styles which is the minimum compare to others (See appendix 2). The jeggings style alone accounts for 40% of the jeans share (See appendix 4) while there is no single style account for over 30% in other brands (See appendix 5-7). Moreover, there is a bias towards high-priced and the price structure is uncompleted because it does not provide “good” price range (under £24.99) products (See appendix 3). Even though River Island launched the plus size products lately, there is only 1.5% of jeans providing plus size options (See appendix 10). Opportunities - UK economy stays on growth path in 2016 despite global upheaval (Reuters 2016). For most

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