Swot Analysis Of Trustonics

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E-Marketing Assignment

Company’s Name:

Trustonics Inc. is a leading online retailer in UAE and world fastest growing e-commerce Technology Company. We are a Pure Play business model which means we fully operate online. Trustonics offers cloud based e-commerce platform service in B2C and B2B verticals and is recognized globally for its innovative approach towards delivering business values and responsive to changing customer needs. The company believes in empowering every individual and business in the retail value chain by providing affordable technology to solve large scale business problems. Today, Trustonics is a trusted name in retail and technology platform services and a partner of choice for global business.

E-Marketing Plan
Situation Analysis:
SWOT Analysis:
Our company
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The wealth in this company is always used to innovate and upgrade the technology. Fast based country, everything innovates and changes in a fast pace.

E-Marketing Strategic Planning:
We target some stakeholders and we decide which one we should build a relationship with. After that, we rank them in order based on importance. Rankings are based on certain categories such as characteristics, behavior and desires in the firm’s product..

We have multiple objectives that we would want to achieve. Firstly, we want to be the most visited online portal in the Middle East by 2020, and that is followed by an increase in the positive comments. Of course, customer value is the most important thing and therefore, we would like to achieve a long term customer relationship. Next, one of our main objectives, reduce costs and increase revenue. Next, improving our management and achieving branding goals. Lastly, we have to improve our supply chain
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