Swot Analysis Of Virgin Atlantic

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Executive summary
Virgin Atlantic Airways is a British company that specializes in Air transport. The company was introduced in 1984. Marketing concepts identifies and defines the target markets. A company can identify and define a target market using the techniques like market segmentation. The marketing team should be able to evaluate the market prices properly to fulfill customer’s satisfaction. Customer orientation is an important feature in the marketing concept. All the activities in the marketing department should focus to identify the customer’s needs and wants and to satisfy them. The business company should be able to identify the customer’s wants and needs based on the customer’s point of view. Customer’s satisfaction is the main agenda of marketing concepts and this is possible through research and proper evaluation. The company will need to use some strategies in order to expand its business. Marketing analysis is critical in determining that the strengths and weakens of the company. Using SWOT analysis and PESTEL analysis will improve the
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In 2009, Virgin Atlantic carried about 5.77 million passengers from worldwide and the revenue reached a £68.4 million on turnover of £2,580 million (Boyle, 2009). Airline company normally belongs to service enterprise and service quality and consumers satisfaction are key factors to determine the airline company’s future.
Marketing summary
Virgin Atlantic has been maintained by the innovativeness and offering of quality services to the customers. Promotion of growth and attracting new customers are the main reasons behind the marketing plan. The plan has been produced for 3-5 year period to improve the future of the business. Virgin Atlantic saw the need to improve and expand the airline services offered in the country, ensuring that quality, faster and convenient services are guaranteed to the customers.
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