Swot Analysis Of Whole Foods

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Industry Overview: The food market and the grocery store industry compose the largest retail channel network in the United States. The U.S. supermarket industry includes warehouse grocery stores, supercenters, conventional supermarkets, military commissaries, and limited-assortment and natural/gourmet-positioned supermarkets. The US supermarket industry had approximately 600.31 billion USD in sales in the year 2016, a 2% increase compared to the previous year. The US supermarket industry has become mature and has established enormous players that dominate the market. In recent days, the industry stands dominated by organic and natural products.
Whole Foods Market: Whole foods are an organic and natural food grocery. John Mackey is the founder of whole foods which has been a “certified organic” grocery store. John Mackey founded the company in the name of Safer Way Natural Foods in Austin, Texas. The company Safer way merged with Clarksville Natural Grocery in 1980 and renamed as Whole foods. Whole foods mission statement mainly aims at the following points: Quality food and Quality state of mind, Standards of excellence for food retailers, High standards in all aspects of the business. They operate by the motto “Whole foods, Whole people, Whole planet.” In 2016, Whole foods market operates around 466 stores, including its subsidiaries in the United States, the Canada, and the United Kingdom. The company generated global net sales to the value of 15.7 billion USD in

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