Swot Analysis Of Woolworths And Coles Essay

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Supermarket duopoly and Price Wars
Woolworths and Coles strong power is becoming the deciding factor of Australia’s economic health. Both of these are supermarket giants which are eliminating the competitors from the market and, the local manufacturers and farmers are also feeling pressurized. 1 They have brought in the position of duopoly in the market wherein for certain service, industry or commodity only two suppliers, businesses and organizations dominate. Woolworths and Coles are squeezing the supplier’s margins as their market share is growing continuously. 80% of the share of the Australian grocery market is held by both of them together and globally also they hold unique positions. 1 With 96% of the active trading business and employment to over five million Australians, small businesses highly contribute to the Australian economy. The small local shops struggle to compete and the consumer’s favourite brands disappear in duopoly which is prevalent now. The two supermarket giants

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