Swot Analysis On Craft Beer

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Situational Analysis
Key Issues/Facts:
Craft beer has become so popular recently. However, beer is not new to the world, the flavoring and presentation of craft beer first started gaining popularity in the 1980s and erupted in the United States in 2010. Although some countries that are known for having master breweries look down on America brew, there is one company that stands against that notion, Sam Adams. The iconic Sam Adams has been around since I was a kid, however, what are some ways they can expand upon their well known brand?

SWOT Analysis
Strengths: Well-known and popular label throughout the states. Seasonal items are always up, including the winter lager out now. Enthusiastic brewer in Koch, who looks to pioneer this brand into something bigger.
Weaknesses: People sometimes take this company and its quality for granted, choosing watered down beers like bud light or coors light.
Opportunities: To seize the craft brew market and start new innovations that will maximize their potential.
Threats: Low-key craft breweries that produce regular and frequent returning customers. Other beer brands.

PESTEL Analysis
Economic: They will have to use a heavy amount of money, since most of the beer and liquor industry in general is from advertising. Premium showtimes such as football or basketball games to introduce new innovations that they have come up with will cost a hefty dollar.
Social: Beer and microbreweries can take the new stuff that the company puts out into
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