Swot Analysis On Jewellery

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Table of Contents
1. Objective 2
2. Situation Analysis 2
2.1. Market Summary 2
2.1.1. Market Size 2
2.1.2. Market Growth 2
2.1.3. Market Trends 2
2.1.4. Market Demographics 3
2.1.5. Market Needs 3
2.1.6 SWOT Analysis of Indian jewellery industry 3
2.2 Company Analysis 3
2.2.1 VRIN Framework 3
2.2.2. Core Competencies 3
2.2.3. Opportunities 4
2.2.4. Threats 4
2.3 Competitive Analysis 4
2.3.1. Major Offline competitor 4
2.3.2. Major online competitors 5
2.4 Product Offering 5
2.5 Key Success Factors 6
2.6 Critical Issues 6
3. Way Forward (Post Midterm) 6
References 6

1. Objective

2. Situation Analysis
Tanishq is a Tata brand and thus one of the most trusted brands in India in jewellery segment. The largest player in this segment is Titan Industries has a market share
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2.3.1. Major Offline competitor
Kalyan Jewellers: They have the largest chain in jewelry segment in India. Though basically from Kerala, Kalyan Jewellers has its presence all over South India and the major cities in north and west India. Major campaigns taken by them are:-
Campaign Name Effect
Trust is Everything This campaign positioned it as a trusted brand in the customers’ mind
My Gold My Right The brand became the fastest growing and most successful brand in India
BIS/RATE Tag This campaign enhances the brand image towards purity in gold. In addition it also forces other brands to adopt BIS marking in their products.
My Kalyan This campaigns was a big success as it is based on concept of the going to the people instead of waiting for them to come to the store. There were other schemes for saving money for weddings for common people also.

Brand Share: In terms of brand share by value Kalyan Jewellers has shown steady increment from 2010. The graphs is shown below:
In terms of fans Kalyan also gives healthy competition to
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