Swot Analysis-Pfizer

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Pfizer SWOT analysis

Pfizer is a global pharmaceutical and consumer products company, which discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets medicines for humans and animals. The company consists of three SBU's (Strategic Business Units):

• •Health Care
• •Animal Health
• •Consumer Health Care

The company produces the impotence treatment Viagra, cholesterol lowering Lipitor and, for high blood pressure and angina, Norvasc. The animal division produces treatment both for livestock and pets. The company's consumer division produces the consumer drugs Listerine, Certs, Dentyne. Pfizer engages in international business both through their subsidiaries and distributors. The company's headquarters are located in New York, US.

Pfizer is a leader
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If you are a wholesale distributor, you can submit orders online through the Pfizer E-Commerce web site. Pre-approved vendors can track invoices through the Pfizer Accounts Payable web site, and potential IT vendors can introduce themselves to Pfizer using the Pfizer Infrastructure Vendor Registration web site.
• •Discontinuation of products in the latter stages of development
• •Co-marketing agreements can limit Pfizer's global presence
Discontinuation of products in late stage development, its lack of promising products in its early stage pipeline and the potential geographic, and therefore revenues limitations for Pfizer through its establishment of marketing agreements for other companies' products.
Concentration on the large number of products which it has launched recently, and on its late stage development pipeline, has left its early stage pipeline somewhat weaker, lacking promising products in phase I development able to support growth in the longer term. This deficit in the R&D pipeline will not be manifest for a number of years yet, and Pfizer is well placed to ensure that it balances its R&D pipeline before it becomes a worry for the company.
Whilst the number of co-marketing agreements Pfizer has established are proving very favorable for the company, agreements, which geographically
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