Swot Analysis : Pfizer'swot

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3. ANALYSIS The report will now apply the concepts discussed in the previous section to the specific case of Pfizer. The analysis will help to determine whether this company has achieved a competitive advantage. 3.1. SWOT analysis Pfizer’ SWOT analysis is summarized in two tables. Table 1 focuses on the external analysis. Table 2 is devoted to the internal analysis. Table 1 Pfizer’ external analysis Opportunities Threats Industry environment: - Threat of entry: The threat of entry is low because potential competitors face high entry barriers such substantial investments in research and development (R&D) - Focus on biologics: Pfizer will have the opportunity to develop new drugs, get into this market area Industry environment: - Exposure to generic drugs: The population reaching for generic drugs as cheap alternatives to prescription medication - Bargaining power of buyers: Pfizer will have to take on retailers such as Target and Walmart, which already have discount programs in place for their customers General environment: - Demographics: The elderly will need medication, Pfizer has the opportunity to strengthen its position by catering to this specific group of customers - Product approval: In the past, several new products have been approved that will greatly enhance Pfizer’s portfolio General environment: - Global pricing pressure: In most countries the government controls the prices, this could negatively influence Pfizer’s sales and revenue - FDA’s regulatory
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