Swot Analysis : Rob Parson At Morgan Stanley

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Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley (A) Case Study Analysis
The case study I chose for this week’s analysis looks at the challenges faced by Paul Nasr who is a senior managing director in Capital Market Services at Morgan Stanley. The challenges focus on the strengths and weaknesses of a Rob Parson as an effective employee in his current position as well as being suitable for promotion. Nasr and Parson had a previous working relationship and shortly after Nasr began at Morgan Stanley, he offered Parson a position which he believed would be a great fit to help grow the weak segment of the division.
Situation Analysis
Nasr examines the 360° review and determines he may have more of problem with Parson’s people skills than he had previously thought. He had presented this employment opportunity to Parson as fast-track position to Managing Director, a senior most position within the firm. Some of the reviews state that Parson is quick-tempered, aggressive, and abrasive with his coworkers. These characteristics are not news to Nasr. He has spent the last year mentoring Parson on the culture at Morgan Stanley.
The environment is defined as a team environment. Decisions are made as a team. Each employee offers expertize in a specific area and is called upon for his or her input. Parson’s methods are effective and lucrative for Morgan Stanley; however, in his drive to make the sell, he makes many decisions independent of the team. Although he is not faulted for making

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